2 thoughts on “Runway

  1. I found you on MM.. cant find where to send you a message on there..
    I am owner of i have created a platform for models to show of their skills walking to indie artist performers in independent and published disigners. the event launch is July 6th. we had a few models drop out due to prior bookings.. id like for you to take a look at our concert and possible hit me to join our show.
    my station handle on IG is realtalk101radio
    we have a few agency models walking as well as aspiring models.
    if you are interested please call me 909.912.4726 as we need to get you ready to be fitted this weekend.. our full dress rehearsal will be the following weekend.. let me know if you are interested thank you.


    • Hello, thank you so much for reaching out to me. I will be out of town this weekend 6/19-6/23. But if you would like to make other arrangements, that could work too. If not, hopefully we can work together in the future.
      Thank you


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